what time is carolina game today

what time is carolina game today

What Time is Carolina Game Today?

Carolina is gearing up for its next big game, so football fans will want to make sure they don’t miss a minute of the action! Here is some important information about the game, so you can make sure you’re front and center for the big event.

When is the Game?

The game will take place on Saturday, April 10th and is set to kick off at 12:00 PM Eastern Time.

Where Can I Watch?

You can catch the game live on ESPN and ESPN2.

What Can I Expect?

Carolina has a great team this year, so you can expect an exciting game! Here are some things to look forward to:

  • High-powered Offense: Carolina has some of the strongest offensive personnel in their conference
  • Tough Defense: Carolina has a defense that can match up with any team
  • Exciting Plays: Carolina’s coaches are known for their creative play-calling, so you can expect to see some interesting strategies

So don’t miss out on the Carolina game today! Make sure you have your snacks ready and tune in to ESPN or ESPN2 to catch all the action.



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