what time is clemson game

what time is clemson game

Clemson Game Timings

Clemson Tigers, the collegiate athletic team of the Clemson University, play their games at Conference USA and National Collegiate Athletic Association. The timings of their games vary according to the type of the game and the opponent they are playing.

Football Games

The timings of Clemson Tigers’ football games depend on the location and the opponent. Generally, home games start at either 3 PM or 7 PM ET. Most away games start at either 3 PM or 3:30 PM ET. From time to time, some midweek games may also be scheduled.

Basketball Games

The Clemson Tigers basketball team plays domestically as well as in tournaments. The timings for these games differ accordingly. Typically, domestic games start at either 7 PM, 7:30 PM, 8 PM or 9 PM ET. Tournament games may start at different times due to different scheduling.

Baseball Games

The Clemson Tigers Baseball team plays most of their home games at Doug Kingsmore Stadium. These games usually start at either 3 PM or 7 PM ET. Away games’ timings may vary, depending upon the opponent and the conference they are playing.

Other Sports

The other sports teams of Clemson Tigers play different tournaments and leagues across the country. The timings for these games may vary depending on the league, tournament and the opponent.

In conclusion, the timings for Clemson Tigers’ games depend on the type of game, the location, and the opponent. It is best to keep an eye on the official schedule to get the latest information about the timings and other details of the games.



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