what time is lsu game

what time is lsu game

LSU Game Time

It’s no secret that people love LSU football! Before you head out to enjoy a game, you should make sure to know a few important details, such as: what time is the LSU game?

Kickoff Times

The set time for LSU football games can vary depending on the opponent, but generally speaking most games will kickoff at 6:00 pm CT. Exceptions to this rule include:

  • Thursday night games may kickoff earlier
  • Some games may be played at night and will kick off later
  • Games that are broadcast nationally may be adjusted to better accommodate primetime audiences

Additional Information

It’s important to remember that the time of a game may change. You should always check the official LSU website for the most up-to-date game time. Additionally, it’s important to plan for traffic and additional delays that may arise on game days.

It’s also advisable to arrive early when attending an LSU game. Early arrival provides you with the opportunity to take in the atmosphere and enjoy the pre-game festivities.


When it comes to enjoying an LSU game, always pay attention to game time information. Games may be started earlier or later than typical kickoff times, so make sure to check for the most up-to-date information before you plan to attend. Also, make sure to arrive early to enjoy the full experience. Have fun and enjoy the game!



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