what time is the dallas game today

what time is the dallas game today

What Time Is the Dallas Game Today?

Are you a fan of the Dallas franchise and looking to catch the game today? Here’s what you need to know:

Upcoming Games

The Dallas franchise currently has a packed schedule of upcoming games:

  • Sunday, November 1: Dallas vs. New Orleans at 12:00 pm CT
  • Sunday, November 8: Dallas vs. Minnesota at 7:20 pm CT
  • Sunday, November 15: Dallas vs. Cleveland at 12:00 pm CT
  • Sunday, November 22: Dallas vs. Washington at 7:20 pm CT

Stay Informed

If you want to keep up to date with the Dallas franchise and their future games, make sure to keep checking their website or follow them on one of their social media pages. Doing this will give you the latest info on when the next game is and what time it starts.

You can also subscribe to their official newsletter or follow sports talk shows that focus on Dallas to get the inside scoop on upcoming games.

Official Dallas Website

If you have any questions regarding the Dallas franchise or its activities, you can visit the official website for the Dallas Cowboys. By doing this, you’ll be able to find information about their standings, upcoming games, team members, news and more.

No matter if you’re looking to find out what time the Dallas game is today or want to stay informed about their upcoming games, we hope this article has given you some helpful info.



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