what time is the ou game

what time is the ou game

What Time Is The OU Game?

Attending a football game is a past time for many Americans. The University of Oklahoma (OU) has been playing for many years and continues to bring excitement to thousands of fans. If you’re asking yourself “What time is the OU game?”, then you’re in the right place.

Game Times and Dates

A complete OU game schedule can be found on the School website. Games times and dates vary depending on the opponent and the type of game.

Basic Game Day Information

The following information can help you plan for attending an OU game:

  • Most OU home games take place at Norman, Oklahoma’s Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium
  • All home games start at 6:00 PM Central time
  • The Sooner Schooner is the official game-day mascot for OU
  • Fans are encouraged to wear crimson and cream apparel to celebrate the University of Oklahoma

How To Find Game-Day Details

If you’re looking for more information on what time is the OU game, you should visit the school website. It has a list of game times and dates as well as parking and tailgating information. It also lists any special events that may be occurring on game days.

In conclusion, if you’re asking yourself what time is the OU game, you’ll need to look at the school website. Games times and dates will vary based on the opponent and type of game, but they all typically start at 6:00 PM Central time. Go Sooners!



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