what time is the soccer game at lambeau field

What Time is the Soccer Game at Lambeau Field?

Lambeau Field is home to a variety of sporting events, from traditional American football games to soccer. If you’re planning on attending a soccer game at Lambeau Field, here’s what you need to know about the time:

Regular Season Game Times

  • Both daylight savings and non-daylight savings times are typically the same. Soccer games generally start at 6:00 PM Central Time during the regular season.
  • Special events can start at different times. Some special soccer events, such as international exhibitions and friendly matches, may start at different times, or earlier and later than the regular season.

Playoffs and Championship Games

  • Playoff games always start at 6:00 PM Central Time. Playoff games in the Green Bay area have a standard start time of 6:00 PM, regardless of daylight savings time.
  • Championship games also typically start at 6:00 PM. Some exceptions may exist, based on the specific event.

Whether you’re attending a regular season soccer game, a playoff game, or a championship game at Lambeau Field, you can be sure that the match will always start at 6:00 PM Central Time.



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