what time is the texas alabama game

what time is the texas alabama game

What Time Is the Texas vs. Alabama Game?

For college football fans, this is an exciting time of year! One of the hottest matchups of the season will be the Texas vs. Alabama game. This highly anticipated game is set for Saturday, October 10th, 2020 at 6:00 pm Central Time.

Getting Ready for the Game

To get ready for the game, you should take a few steps:

  • Draft Out a Cheering Plan. Come up with clever chants and fun cheers you can do with your friends or family. Decide ahead of time whom you will be rooting for and cheer loud and clear!
  • Create a Friendly Wager. Make the game a little more interesting by creating a friendly wager. Whether it’s something silly like the loser has to wear the other teams gear, or betting on pizza toppings, wagers make watching the game a lot more exciting!
  • Gather Snacks. Make sure you are prepared with all the best snacks! Chip and dip, pizza, a veggie tray – whatever will make watching the game more enjoyable.

Time for the Game!

Don’t forget to set your clocks because it’s time for the game! This season’s Texas vs Alabama game is sure to be a great one, so make sure you’re ready to cheer loud, scream at the referees (pro tip: they can’t hear you!), and enjoy this classic college football matchup!



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