what time is us netherlands game

what time is us netherlands game

The US vs the Netherlands: A Soccer Showdown

The US Women’s National Soccer Team has been eagerly anticipated the June 6th showdown against the Netherlands in the knockout round of the 2019 Women’s World Cup. This matchup is sure to be a riveting display of soccer prowess between two of the top teams in the world.

History Between the US and Netherlands Teams

These teams have a history of intense and exciting matchups – they’ve faced off 15 times since 1996. In the latest match, the US pulled off a stellar win in the SheBelieves Cup final in March of this year with a final score of 1-0. That victory will surely add fuel to the fire for the upcoming World Cup game.

What Time is the Game?

The game is set to kick off on June 6th at 3PM ET. This game could be the deciding factor for the World Cup championship, so soccer fans everywhere should mark their calendars!

Why the US Is the Favorite

The US team is the favorite in this matchup thanks to their track record and a stellar lineup of top players. The US Women’s National Team has won the World Cup three times, and four of the top scorers in the Women’s World Cup history are American women.

Keys to Victory for the Netherlands

The Netherlands team will need to pull out all the stops to try to keep up with the US team. Here are three key points they should focus on:

  • Strong DEFENSE: They must find a way to thwart the US’s powerful offense with a strong defensive line.
  • Effective MIDFIELD: The Netherlands team should look to control the game’s pace with effective ball movement in the midfield.
  • Accurate SHOOTING: If the Netherlands team can convert on their chances with accurate shooting, they can create a goal scoring threat.

This clash between the US and Netherlands is sure to be an intense one. Tune in June 6th at 3PM EST to see who will come out on top!



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