what to wear for a hockey game

what to wear for a hockey game

What to Wear for a Hockey Game

As a hockey fan, you must know that attending a hockey game requires some sporty clothes so you will be comfortable and stylish. Here are some guidelines about what to wear for a game.


For colder days, you can find a cosy and warm knitwear in team colours. As an extra touch of allegiance to the team you support, add a hockey or team logo on the top.

  • A stylish knit jumper in team colours
  • Look for sourceable and eco-friendly materials
  • Add some style with a printed logo


Go for comfortable, warm and practical trousers. Choose a pattern or a colour that fits the style of the top you have chosen to wear.

  • Choose trousers with a slightly higher waistline
  • Look for some comfortable and warm materials
  • Add some style with a printed pattern


Choose comfortable and warm shoes that you can walk for a long time. Add a bit of colour, depending on the team you support, but remember to stay practical.

  • Choose comfortable shoes with a good tread
  • Also look for materials that will keep your feet warm
  • Stay practical and match the colour of the team

Attending a hockey game can be a great experience. But you need to dress properly – so choose something that looks good and is comfortable, in team colors to show your support.



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