what to wear to hockey game

what to wear to hockey game

What to Wear to A Hockey Game

Are you off to a hockey game and wondering what to wear? Don’t fret! Here are some tips to get you ready for the big game.

Opt for Warm Layers

It is important to dress in layers for a hockey game, as there is often a wide range in temperatures while you watch the game. A good suggestion is to start with a comfortable t-shirt or long sleeve shirt if it is cooler and top it with a warm jumper. And don’t forget gloves and a hat to keep you toasty!

Choose Team Colors

Show your support for the team you are cheering for, by wearing their colors. There are lots of great apparel and accessories to choose from. Stand out in the crowd by wearing a cool printed t-shirt or a baseball cap.

Prepare for the Weather

Remember to take the weather into account when you are getting dressed. If it is snowing, an insulated jacket and warm boots are essential. If rain is in the forecast then a waterproof coat is essential.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

A pair of comfortable shoes are a must when attending a hockey game. There is a lot of standing and walking inside the arena, so investing in a good quality and comfortable pair of shoes is key.

Acessorise and Enjoy!

Add a few fun accessories to your look and you are ready to go! Make sure to bring:

  • Snacks: Something to munch on during the game
  • Hat: for extra warmth
  • Drink Container: to keep you hydrated
  • Fan Pins & Badges: To show your team spirit
  • Binoculars: To spot all the details of the match

Now you are ready to enjoy the game! Remember to be warm, be team-spirited and have fun!



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