what was the final score of the broncos game

what was the final score of the broncos game

Final Score of Denver Broncos

The National Football League’s Denver Broncos recently played an exciting game. This game was watched closely by many NFL fans, as the Denver Broncos were battling for the win.

Denver’s Offense

The Denver Broncos’ offense was stellar in this game, as they scored 27 points. Quarterback Drew Lock led the offense with two touchdown passes and two field goals. He threw two interceptions, but balanced that out with two passing touchdowns. The Denver running game was also successful in its efforts, contributing two rushing touchdowns.

Denver’s Defense

Denver’s defense played an instrumental role in keeping the opposing team from scoring. The Denver defense forced two turnovers and allowed just 14 points. The Broncos secondary shut down the passing game for the opposing team, not giving up a passing touchdown.

Final Outcome

In the end, the Denver Broncos won the game with a score of 27-14. This was an exciting game, with Denver’s offense and defense both performing strongly. It was a great win for the Broncos and it showcased their potential to compete against the toughest opponents in the NFL.

Some Key Highlights:

  • Denver scored 27 points
  • Drew Lock threw two passing touchdowns
  • Denver rushed two touchdowns
  • Denver defense forced two turnovers
  • Denver allowed 14 points
  • Final score: 27-14



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