what was the final score of the colts game

what was the final score of the colts game

The Final Score Of The Colts Game

The Indianapolis Colts recently played in a hard-fought game against the Tennessee Titans. After four quarters of intense football, the final score is what everyone wanted to know. Here are the final details of the game:

  • The Colts scored 22 points in the game.
  • The Titans scored 23 points in the game.
  • The Colts lost by one point.

The Details Of The Game

The game was an exciting one that saw the Colts take an early lead. In the first quarter, Indianapolis scored 7 points, while the Titans scored 6. In the second quarter, Indianapolis managed to add another 7 points for a halftime lead of 14-6.

In the third quarter, the Titans rallied to outscore the Colts by 3 points for a score of 15-17. In the fourth quarter, things really ramped up as the Colts scored another 5 points, and the Titans managed to score 8 points to take the lead and win 23-22.

The Colts gave the Titans a real run for their money, but in the end, they were unable to pull off a victory. The game was one of the most exciting of the season and a real nail-biter to the very end.



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