what was the final score of the dallas game

what was the final score of the dallas game

What was the final score of the Dallas game?

The Dallas game ended on Wednesday, August 12th with a final score of 3-2. It was a tightly contested match between the two teams, but in the end, Dallas came out on top.

Score Summary

  • First Half Score– Dallas 1, Opponent 1
  • Second Half Score– Dallas 2, Opponent 1


The goals for the Dallas team came in the second half, with a penalty kick by defender Cynthia Vazquez and a great header by striker Eliseo Perez. The Opponent was unable to get on the scoreboard due to the strong defending by Dallas.

Best Performers

The star performers from the Dallas team included goalkeeper Zebadiah Lewis, who made some incredible saves, as well as Cynthia Vazquez, who scored the crucial penalty kick. The Opponent’s defense also put up a strong fight, with defender Cassandra Soto making some last-minute blocks.


All in all, the Dallas team took the day with a hard-fought 3-2 victory. They will now go on to face their next opponents as they look to continue their winning streak.



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