what was the score of the michigan purdue game yesterday

what was the score of the michigan purdue game yesterday

Michigan vs. Purdue

Yesterday was an exciting day for sports fans, as the Michigan Wolverines faced off against the Purdue Boilermakers in a Big Ten matchup. Let’s take a look at how the game turned out.

The Final Score

The final score of the Michigan vs. Purdue game was 45-21 in favor of the Wolverines. This was a formidable victory by the Michigan team, extending their winning streak to five games.

Michigan Offense

Michigan was able to capitalize on their offensive strength during the game. They gained 444 total yards over the course of the game, including an impressive 304 of which came through the air. They had success on the ground as well, gaining 140 yards with an average of 5.3 yards per attempt. Furthermore, they were able to score five touchdowns and two field goals.

Purdue Defense

The Purdue defense was unable to slow down the Michigan offense. They allowed 444 yards of total offense and allowed a big chunk of that to come through the air. They were able to keep Michigan from finding the endzone on one single drive, but the number of plays made it hard for Purdue to keep the Wolverines from scoring.

Key Stats

  • Michigan
    • Passing yards: 304
    • Rushing yards: 140
    • Quarterback Rating: 139.2

  • Purdue
    • Passing yards: 189
    • Rushing yards: 98
    • Quarterback Rating: 116.6


The Michigan Wolverines victory over the Purdue Boilermakers was a decisive one. This was largely due to their strong offensive effort, which was able to achieve its goals and put up points on the scoreboard. The final score of the game was 45-21 in favor of Michigan.



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