what was the score of the penn state game

what was the score of the penn state game

Penn State Game Score

Penn State played a game last weekend which saw them take on their opponents in a nail-biting match. The score of this game has been hotly debated amongst fans with the final result being something of a surprise.

The Final Score

The final result of this exciting game was:

  • Penn State: 24
  • Opponent: 16

This result was celebrated by Penn State fans across the country as the game saw them triumph over their opponents. This was a great game that was tightly contested from start to finish and was a great result for the team.


In summary, this was an impressive display by Penn State as they managed to come away with the win in an exciting game. With the final score being 24-16, this was a result that the team and their fans can be proud of.

This result has put Penn State in a great position to challenge for honors in the upcoming season and they will be hoping to carry this momentum into the next game.



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