what year is the hunger games set in

what year is the hunger games set in

The Hunger Games: What Year is It Set In?

The Hunger Games is a hit science fiction novel and movie series written by Suzanne Collins. It is set in a dystopian future where children are chosen to compete in a cruel game of survival. But what year is The Hunger Games set in? Read on to find out!

The Year of the Dark Days

According to The Hunger Games timeline, the action takes place in the year 74 After the Dark Days, or A.D. The Dark Days refers to a great war that took place between the governing Capitol and the 12 outlying districts in an event known as the “Dark Day Uprising”. It was a devastating war that ultimately ended in the Capitol’s victory, and the re-establishment of the Districts. As a result, the 74th Hunger Games are held to celebrate the Capitol’s victory.

The Hunger Games Calendar System

The Hunger Games timeline is different from the Gregorian calendar system that we are used to; it is based upon the Day of Reckoning, which is the day the Dark Day Uprising ended. According to the timeline, the 74th Hunger Games take place in the year 3274. Converting this to a Gregorian calendar year, the Hunger Games is set in the year 2176.


So, to summarize, The Hunger Games is set in the year 2176, or 74 A.D. The series follows the harrowing exploits of its heroines in the Capitol’s annual Hunger Games tournament. The Dark Day Uprising serves as an important backstory to the events that take place within the trilogy.



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