what’s in your phone game

what’s in your phone game

What is the ‘What’s in Your Phone’ game?

Have you ever heard of the game called ‘What’s in Your Phone’? This game is taking the internet by storm and is fun for a whole family or group of friends. So, what’s this game all about?

How to Play the Game?

The game is fairly simple. To play, each player takes turns selecting a category from the list. Then you go through all the items on your phone that match the category. The person who can list the most items for the category wins that round.

What are the Categories?

Here are some ‘What’s in Your Phone’ game categories that you can use:

  • Messages: What message apps do you have on your phone?
  • Pictures: What pictures do you have saved on your phone?
  • Music: What music do you listen to on your phone?
  • Websites: What website apps do you have saved on your phone?
  • Connections: What social media sites do you have on your phone?
  • Files: What document files do you have stored on your phone?
  • Games: What games do you have on your phone?

Winning the Game

The person with the most entries from each category is the winner. This game is not just a fun way to pass the time, but also a great way to learn more about each other. What kind of apps do we have on our phones? Who listens to what kinds of music? Who has the most pictures?

So, if you’re looking for a fun game that’s easy to play, have your friends or family try the ‘What’s in Your Phone’ game. You’ll be sure to have a blast!



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