what’s the highest scoring nfl game

what’s the highest scoring nfl game

What is the Highest Scoring NFL Game?

The National Football League (NFL) is renowned for its high-octane thrillers that entertain millions of fans across the world. Games are intense, dynamic and feature some of the greatest athletes of all time competing for the glory of their club. Games can feature nail-biting finishes, huge catches and generally feature a wide variance of storylines and outcomes. One question fans often ask, however, is – what is the highest scoring NFL game?

The Highest Scoring NFL Game

The highest scoring NFL game ever was a contest between the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants in 1966. This game went down in history as an epic shootout between two fierce rivals, with the Redskins ultimately emerging victorious with a 71-41 triumph. The game featured an incredible combined total of 112 points in total, 41 of them coming from the losing Giants. The result was a Redskins victory, with their record winning margin of 30 points standing until the 2000’s.

Redskins and Giants Records

The Redskins’ triumph was typical of their success in the mid-1960s, which saw them win the NFC Eastern Division title five times in six seasons. The Giants, meanwhile, made the playoffs three consecutive times during this period, but failed to go beyond the second round. In spite of this, however, the Giants and Redskins would remain close rivals throughout their respective histories, with the teams being drawn in the same division for almost 50 years of the NFL era.

Legacy of the Game

The legacy of the highest scoring NFL game ever has lived on in the years since. Fans often recall the rival teams’ electric clash in 1966, with tales of the fame and glory shared by each team still vividly remembered to this day. In addition, players and coaches from the two teams have frequently spoken about the game, with many of them agreeing that it’s still one of the most memorable games they’ve ever been involved in.

The highest scoring NFL game is still one of the most thrilling spectacles in the sport’s history. The unbeaten records set by the Redskins and Giants remain unbroken, and the legacy of the teams’ legendary clash lives on to this day.

Notable Records

Some of the notable records set during the highest scoring NFL game include:

  • Most combined points scored: 112 points
  • Redskins’ highest victory margin: 30 points
  • Most points scored by a team: 71 points (Washington Redskins)
  • Most field goals scored by a team: 8 (New York Giants)
  • Most penalties: 17 (Washington Redskins)



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