what’s the score of the bills game

what’s the score of the bills game

What’s the Score of the Bills Game?

Many football fans want to know what the score of the Bills game is. The Buffalo Bills are a professional American Football team that plays in the National Football League (NFL).

Recent Scores

The Bills have been having an impressive season so far, with several big wins against top teams. Here are the scores from the most recent games:

  • Week 6: Bills 24, Chiefs 17.
  • Week 5: Bills 18, Titans 16.
  • Week 4: Bills 31, Raiders 21.
  • Week 3: Bills 14, Rams 7.
  • Week 2: Bills 28, Jets 14.

Upcoming Schedule

The Bills have a few big games coming up that fans are looking forward to, including:

  • Week 8: Bills vs Patriots.
  • Week 9: Bills vs Seahawks.
  • Week 10: Bills vs Cardinals.
  • Week 11: Bills vs Chargers.
  • Week 12: Bills vs Dolphins.

Be sure to check in on the final scores of these big games to see how the Bills performed. Fans can watch the games or follow them on TV or on the internet for all of the latest updates.


As the season progresses, the Bills look to be contenders for the playoffs. Knowing the score of games is important for fans so that they can stay up to date with all the latest news. Be sure to tune in to see how the Bills do in their upcoming games!



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