what’s the score of the oregon ducks game

what’s the score of the oregon ducks game

Oregon Ducks: Let’s Check the Score!

Oregon Ducks are an American college football powerhouse located in Eugene, Oregon. Their athletic success and strong community support make them one of the most popular teams in the Pac-12 conference. So, what’s the score of the Oregon Ducks game?

Recent Oregon Ducks Games

We can take a look at the most recent Oregon Ducks games to get an understanding of their performance:

  • Oregon Ducks vs. Stanford Cardinal: Oregon won 28-21
  • Oregon Ducks vs. Cal Golden Bears: Oregon won 17-7
  • Oregon Ducks vs. Washington State Cougars: Oregon lost 44-37
  • Oregon Ducks vs. Oregon State Beavers: Oregon won 35-17

Upcoming Oregon Ducks Games

The Oregon Ducks are set to face some tough competition in the coming weeks, including:

  • Oregon Ducks vs. USC Trojans: October 24
  • Oregon Ducks vs. Arizona Wildcats: October 31
  • Oregon Ducks vs. Washington Huskies: November 7
  • Oregon Ducks vs. Utah Utes: November 14

The Oregon Ducks have been playing stellar football so far and have a good chance of continuing their success in these upcoming games. Stay tuned to find out what’s the score of the Oregon Ducks game!



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