what’s the score of the ucla game

what’s the score of the ucla game

What’s the Score of the UCLA Game?

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is one of the most prestigious college sports programs in the nation, boasting multiple national championships across a variety of sports. The UCLA Bruins have had a great history of success both in the Pac-12 conference and nationally. Fans of the Bruins are always eager to know the score of their latest games.

Current Scores

The UCLA Bruins are currently playing the 2020-2021 sports season and the scores of their current games are updated regularly. Below are some of the recent scores for the UCLA Bruins.

  • Basketball: UCLA Bruins 79 – Oregon Ducks 68
  • Football: UCLA Bruins 52 – USC Trojans 35
  • Soccer: UCLA Bruins 3 – Washington State Cougars 1

Archived Scores

The UCLA Bruins have had a storied history since their inception in 1919. Below are some of the archived scores for the Bruins from past seasons.

  • Basketball: UCLA Bruins 68 – USC Trojans 66 (2020-2021)
  • Football: UCLA Bruins 31 – Arizona State Sun Devils 14 (2019-2020)
  • Soccer: UCLA Bruins 2 – Stanford Cardinal 0 (2018-2019)

Where to Find Scores

The UCLA Bruins official athletics website is the first place to find the latest scores for their games. Additionally, some of the major sports networks and websites, such as ESPN and the Associated Press, will provide updates on the score for the games.



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