what’s the score of the virginia tech game

what’s the score of the virginia tech game

Virginia Tech Game Score

Are you wondering what the score of the Virginia Tech game is? Read on to find out!

Team Scores

Virginia Tech:

  • Goals: 24
  • Points: 180


  • Goals: 13
  • Points: 105

Final Result

Virginia Tech has won the game with a score of 24-13, with a total of 180 points to their opponents 105.


Virginia Tech has demonstrated their strength in this game, with strong offensive and defensive play throughout. Their offensive performance was particularly impressive, as they managed to score 24 goals, which was more than double that of their opponents. The team was also able to capitalise on their chances, scoring on nearly 70% of their shots.

Overall, Virginia Tech were deserved winners of this game and it will go down as a memorable victory in the record books.



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