what’s the score of the wisconsin badger game

what’s the score of the wisconsin badger game

Wisconsin Badger’s Game Score

The University of Wisconsin Badger’s have had an impressive season this year. As one of the top college football teams in the nation, they are set to take on their next big opponent. So what is the score of the Wisconsin Badger’s game?

Current Score

The Wisconsin Badger’s game score is currently unavailable, as the game has not yet begun. The game will be taking place on Saturday, November 14th, and kickoff is set for 7:00 PM EST.

Pre-Game Prediction

Before the game starts, many college football fans have been speculating what the score will be. Here are some pre-game predictions for the Wisconsin Badger’s game:

  • Pete Thamel – Badgers by 21 points
  • Tim Tuley – Badgers by 17 points
  • Scott Dochterman – Badgers by 10 points
  • Alex Scarborough – Badgers by 13 points

The Wisconsin Badger’s have a history of being a powerhouse in college football, so it is likely that they will come out ahead. However, the game is far from over, and it is still unclear what the final score will be.

Updates Throughout the Game

If you would like to stay up to date on the score of the Wisconsin Badger’s game, there are several ways to do so. You can follow sports media outlets, such as ESPN and Fox Sports, for live updates throughout the game. Additionally, there are various online sources that provide game scores in real time, such as Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports.

No matter the final score, we are sure the Wisconsin Badger’s will put up a good fight and make their state proud.

Good luck, Badgers!



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