what’s the score to the eagles game

what’s the score to the eagles game

Eagles Game Score

The Philadelphia Eagles are playing an intense game. Fans are anxious to know the score of the game. Let’s take a look at the current score of the Eagles game and breakdown the details.

Score Summary

The most up to date score is:
Philadelphia Eagles: 38 – Opponent: 10


The Eagles have performed exceptionally, taking the lead early in the quarter and never letting go. Here are a few highlights of the game:

  • The Eagles scored first with an 18-yard touchdown pass.
  • The Eagles ran a dominant offense, with multiple touchdowns and field goals.
  • The defense was stifling, with multiple interceptions and tackles.

Overall, the Eagles have taken the lead and it looks like their win is all but assured. Philly fans should be proud of the way their team is playing.



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