what’s the score to the eagles game

what’s the score to the eagles game

What’s the Score of the Eagles Game?

The Philadelphia Eagles have had an eventful season so far, and the fans have been eagerly waiting to the see the final score of their next game. If you’re wondering what score Eagles are at right now, read on!

Current Game

Currently, the Eagles are tied with the Cowboys at 24-24 in the fourth quarter. The situation is tense as the final minutes of the game are ticking away and neither team has an advantage over the other. Both teams have their eyes on the prize and are battling fiercely to win.

Recent Games

A few games back, the Eagles lost to the Falcons 14-20. In that game, the Eagles were unable to capitalize on their opportunities and were defeated in the end.

On the bright side, though, their last game against the Giants, they ended up winning 17-10. They played well and managed to hold off their opponents to get the win.

Upcoming Games

The Eagles have a busy schedule in the upcoming weeks, and here is what their upcoming games look like:

  • vs. Redskins – August 13th
  • vs. Cowboys – August 20th
  • vs. Patriots – August 27th

Eagles fans are hoping that their team can continue their streak of wins and come out victorious in their upcoming games. So be sure to tune in to see what the final scores are. Good luck Eagles!



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