what’s yours like game

what’s yours like game

What’s Yours Like – A Fun Game to Play with Friends and Family

Do you like to guess what people’s preferences are? If yes, then try the new guessing game – ‘What’s Yours Like’! It’s an exciting game that is perfect to be played with your circle of friends and family.

How to play

  • It’s a two player game, where one person asks questions and another has to guess the answer.
  • The one asking the questions can pick any object or thing from the physical world around us, such as a fruit, vegetable, or a car model.
  • The person guessing will have to think about what their own preference is for the object or thing that has been asked.
  • Everyone gets one point for a correct answer.
  • The person with the highest number of points at the end of the game wins.

Things to Remember

  • No Cheating: Nobody should give away their answers to each other.
  • Be Courteous: No matter how many points each person gets, discuss it in a friendly manner.
  • Include Everyone: It’s best if everyone can take turns asking questions and guessing answers.

So, get ready for some fun and laughter by playing the game of ‘What’s Yours Like’. It’s time to find out what preferences your friends and family have!



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