when does a baseball game end

when does a baseball game end

When Does a Baseball Game End?

A baseball game usually ends when one of the teams complete 9 innings. An inning represents each round of turns the players on both teams have in the sport.

Rules About Inning Limits

The basic rules set by Major League Baseball (MLB) are as follows:

  • No More Than 12 Innings. If a game is tied after 9 innings and both sides have had an equal opportunity at bat, then it is limited to a maximum of 12 additional innings. In the event that it is still tied after 12 innings, then the game will end until a winner is determined in a subsequent game.
  • Standard Rain Delays. During the regular season, if the weather becomes unfavorable, the umpire can call for a rain delay for up to two and a half hours. If the conditions don’t improve, then the game is called but can be resumed later on.
  • Exceptions to the Rules. Extra innings can be added to a game if playoff or championship series is on the line. These cases are all decided by the MLB commissioner.

Additional Factors to Consider

When determining the length of a baseball game, the following should be taken into account:

  • Time Limit. Depending on the type of game, such as exhibition games, the time limit is usually set to nine innings. This applies to regular and post-season games, as well as sanctioned tournaments.
  • Darkness Factor. Another factor contributing to the duration of a game is darkness. This can be mitigated if additional light sources are available.
  • Run Limit. The rules of baseball can also set a run limit. If one team has a large lead over the other team after the designated number of innings, the game will end.


There is no single answer as to when a baseball game ends, as it depends upon a variety of factors. It is usually set at nine innings for regular games, but extra innings may be added for playoffs and championship series. Additionally, darkness can be a factor and the MLB commissioner can decide to add additional innings to a tied game.



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