when is 2k23 coming to game pass

when is 2k23 coming to game pass

2K23 Coming to Game Pass

2K23 is set to be the biggest installment in the 2K series so far and fans can’t wait for its arrival. The release date for the game is yet to be announced, but we can expect it to be coming to Xbox Game Pass eventually. Here’s what we can tell you about 2K23 coming to Game Pass.

Release Date

While the exact release date for 2K23 is still unknown, we can expect the game to be out sometime in 2021. It has been speculated that the game will be released in the fall, so you can expect it to be out sometime around then. With the announcement of the Xbox Series X, we can expect 2K23 to be available on the new console as well.

Features and Gameplay

2K23 will feature improved graphics and enhanced gameplay, making it one of the most realistic basketball games ever created. The game will include an improved AI, allowing players to simulate real-life situations in an even more realistic way. Additionally, the game will feature a brand-new MyGM mode, allowing gamers to take complete control of their team.

What To Expect When It Comes To Game Pass

When 2K23 comes to Xbox Game Pass, players can finally get their hands on the most anticipated basketball game of the year. Not only will gamers get access to the full version of the game, but they will also get access to all the regular updates and additions that come along with it. It is likely that 2K23 will be released as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan, meaning subscribers get access to even more games.


2K23 is set to be the best basketball game of 2021, and its arrival to Xbox Game Pass will make it even better. We don’t know exactly when the game will be released, but we can expect it to be sometime in the fall. When it comes to Game Pass, gamers should expect the full version of the game as well as regular updates and additions.



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