when is chivas next game

when is chivas next game

Chivas’ Next Football Match

Chivas, a Mexican professional football club, is an internationally recognized powerhouse in the Liga MX, the top-tier league of Mexican football. Chivas are set to face their next opponents, Toluca, on Saturday, May 8th 2021 at 8:00 pm Mexican Central Time.

Team Preparations

Chivas have been putting extra effort in their pre-match preparations, working hard on a range of football techniques during their training sessions. Usually, the team carries out several tactics sessions, closing each one with stretches and relaxation techniques that help the players stay in tip-top condition.

Entry Protocols

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many football clubs such as Chivas have implemented certain entry protocols to ensure the safety of both participants and fans. If you’re planning to attend Chivas’ match against Toluca, you must ensure that you wear a face-mask both inside and outside the stadium, and you will have to pass thorugh temperature checks before getting your ticket.

Key Players

Chivas’ team is comprised of several key players, including the following:

  • Omar Bravo: He possesses great finishing, dribbling and passing skills, making him one of the most important strikers in Mexico.
  • Víctor Guzmán: He is an oidfielder with great technical skills, and notable vision and passing ability.
  • Gibran Lajud: He is a goalkeeper who has always been one of the best in Liga MX, known for his excellent reflexes, agility and positioning.

These players have given the team a great boost­-their spirit and determination will be key in helping Chivas achieve victory in their upcoming game against Toluca. So, make sure you tune in this Saturday at 8 pm Mexican Central Time to witness the match and support your team!



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