when is the army vs navy game 2022

when is the army vs navy game 2022

Army vs Navy Game 2022

The long-awaited Army vs Navy 2022 football game is set to take place on Saturday, November 12th. Occurring every year, this annual event has established itself as one of the most anticipated games on the college football schedule.

The History of the Army vs Navy Game

The Army vs Navy game first began all the way back in 1890, “when the Naval Academy accepted an invitation to play the cadets at West Point in the first-ever Army-Navy football game” (Might & Courage). The game has since become a national tradition, garnering the attention and support of many.

Game Day Activities for Spectators

Spectators of the 2022 Army vs Navy game will have the opportunity to experience various game day activities, including a variety of pre-game events and special ceremonies. This year, fans of both teams can look forward to the following:

  • Parade of America’s youth: Following the game, attendees will be able to witness a parade led by The U.S. Marine Corps that features various youth organizations from across the country.
  • The Flyover Salute: Before the game begins, a flyover will take place featuring four V-22 Osprey aircraft from the U.S. Navy.
  • Spirit Games: In between quarters, spirit games take place that showcase the competitive spirit of the two teams.
  • National Anthem: The national anthem will be performed at the beginning of the game by a U.S. military band.

Don’t Miss Out on Army vs Navy 2022!

Are you ready for the thrill of Army vs Navy football? Get your tickets for the 2022 game now before they sell out! This exciting matchup promises to be one for the history books.



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