when is the lakers next game

when is the lakers next game

When Is the Lakers’ Next Game?

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a storied history of success on the court, with 16 NBA championships to their name. As fans, we follow their wins and losses and can’t help but be excited when the team tips off for a new game. But when is the Lakers’ next game?

Regular Season

  • The regular season generally runs from October to April.
  • The schedule of games varies each season, but the Lakers usually play against other teams in their conference or division five to six times during the season.


  • In the last two decades, the Lakers have qualified for the NBA playoffs 11 times.
  • If the team qualifies for the playoffs, the games will be added to the Lakers’ regular season schedule, beginning in April and lasting until June.

How to Find Out the Lakers’ Next Game?

The best way to find out the Lakers’ next game is to check the team’s official website. They usually post the upcoming game dates, times and opponents a few days in advance. Additionally, you can follow the team’s social media accounts, which often announce the team’s upcoming games.



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