where can i watch the dolphins game

where can i watch the dolphins game

Where to Watch the Dolphins Game

If you are looking for ways to watch Miami Dolphins games, you are in luck! There are many options available.

On Television

The best way to watch the Dolphins game is to tune in to the live broadcast on CBS, Fox or ESPN. These major networks all carry regular season games, as well as postseason playoff games.

Online Streaming

You can also watch the Dolphins game online through streaming services like Hulu, Sling TV and YouTube TV, which offer packages to stream major networks and cable channels. Additionally, many of the major broadcast networks may offer their own streaming services, such as CBS All Access.

Mobile Apps

The NFL has its own streaming app, NFL GamePass, which allows you to watch games on your phone. Additionally, you can download the CBS Sports or Fox Sports apps to watch the Dolphins game live, and many carriers allow you to stream content to your phone for free.

Head to the Stadium!

Of course, nothing beats watching the game live at the stadium! With the high-definition jumbotron, great concessions, and the thrills of being in the crowd, it’s the ultimate way to enjoy the Dolphins game.

Other Ways to Follow the Dolphins

If you can’t make it to the game or watch on tv, you can still follow along and stay up to date with the Dolphins’ progress. Here are some great ways to stay connected:

  • Follow the team on social media – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are great ways to get updates about the team and its players.
  • Sign up for newsletters – The Dolphins website and app offer news, highlights and stories about the team, plus personalized teamfan messages.
  • Watch highlights and recaps on YouTube – There are plenty of great highlight packages featuring the biggest plays from each game.

No matter how you decide to follow the Dolphins, make sure to cheer them on and enjoy the game!



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