where can i watch the vikings game today

where can i watch the vikings game today

Where Can I Watch The Vikings Game Today?

Whether you are an avid fan of the Minnesota Vikings or just looking for an exciting sporting event to watch, you may be wondering where can I watch the Vikings game today?

Ways to Watch

Luckily, there are a few ways for you to watch your favorite football team kick off their next big game. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • NFL on CBS – This is the official broadcast of the Minnesota Vikings, and you can tune in to CBS for live coverage of the games during the regular season.
  • NFLN – You can watch the Vikings live on NFLN, the official network of the NFL. They offer a discounted package that includes all the national and local NFL games.
  • FOX Sports Go – For fans of the Minnesota Vikings who want to watch the games on their devices, FOX Sports Go has become a popular choice. You can stream the game directly to your mobile device or tablet.
  • ESPN – If you are a fan of the ESPN network, they will also broadcast the Vikings games during the regular season.
  • Nordic Sports Network – For those of you who are looking for an international way to watch the Vikings, you can check out the Nordic Sports Network. They offer live streaming of all the NFL games.
  • Sling TV – Sling TV is a popular online streaming service that lets you watch the Vikings games on your device. The service includes a package that includes NFLN.


No matter if you are looking for a way to catch the games on your phone or would rather watch them on your television, there are a variety of ways to watch the Minnesota Vikings in action. The above options all make it easy to watch the game from a convenient location and in the format that works best for you. So, if you are wondering where can I watch the Vikings game today, you now know all the options that are available.



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