where does game of thrones take place

where does game of thrones take place

Where Does “Game of Thrones” Take Place?

The fantasy drama series “Game of Thrones” has enthralled audiences around the world, with its complex story lines and medieval-style settings. But where exactly does the show take place?

The Seven Kingdoms

Most of the events in the show occur within the fictional continent of Westeros. This continent is made up of seven distinct kingdoms, each with their own rulers, laws, and cultures. These kingdoms are:

  • The North: The largest kingdom, with a harsh winter climate and a number of fortified castles.
  • The Iron Islands: A mostly isolated kingdom surrounded by rugged coasts and rocky islands.
  • The Vale of Arryn: A mountainous kingdom known for its thick forests, lush valleys, and rugged peaks.
  • The Westerlands: A prosperous kingdom with rich gold and silver mines, and well-fortified castles.
  • The Crownlands: The smallest kingdom, with a temperate climate and a long coastline.
  • The Reach: A fertile kingdom known for its orchards and vineyards.
  • Dorne: A dessert kingdom with a hot climate, and a culture that is heavily influenced by neighboring Essos.

The Free Cities of Essos

The continent of Essos lies east of Westeros, and is made up of a number of powerful cities, known as the “Free Cities”. These cities operate as independent entities, and are largely unaffected by the conflicts in Westeros. Some of the most prominent cities in Essos are:

  • Braavos: An ancient city built on hundreds of small islands.
  • Pentos: A wealthy city-state with a long, rocky coastline.
  • Lorath: A mountainous city located on a small island.
  • Tyrosh: A port city known for its vibrant marketplaces and military strength.
  • Qohor: A city located in the southern part of Essos, known for its large libraries and leatherworking.
  • Volantis: An expansive city located on the southwest coast of Essos.

The “Game of Thrones” series takes viewers on a journey of epic scale, with a variety of locations ranging from the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros to the Free Cities of Essos. Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, it’s worth taking some time to explore these fascinating places!



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