where in time is carmen sandiego game

where in time is carmen sandiego game

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego Game?

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego is an educational video game released in 1996 by the Brøderbund Software, Inc. It is a part of the popular Carmen Sandiego series, which has been described as “the most successful of edutainment series in the video game industry”.


Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego takes place in a world where history has been stolen. The players need to find the notorious thief and return the stolen artifacts.

The game has an isometric point-of-view and the player travels through various historical locations including:

  • London (1888) – During the foggy days of Jack the Ripper;
  • Machu Picchu (1532) – In the days of the Aztec Empire;
  • Alexandria (323 BC) – The time of the Great Library;
  • Cairo (1001 AD) – At the time of the Gladiator Games.

At each location, the player needs to find the stolen artifacts and ask questions to the various locals in order to find out the name of the thief. Once the thief has been identified, the player needs to travel to the next historical era to continue their mission.


Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego has a number of unique features to make the game experience more exciting and immersive. These include:

  • An interactive map of each location;
  • A voice-based help system to answer questions;
  • A global pursue mode to track Carmen around the world;
  • An original soundtrack that evokes the feel of each era.


Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego is a fun and educational video game that can help players to deepen their understanding of history. With its exciting gameplay and fun features, it is sure to please both children and adults alike.



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