where is driftmark in game of thrones

where is driftmark in game of thrones

Where is Driftmark in Game of Thrones?

The Kingdom of Driftmark is featured in Game of Thrones and is located along the narrow sea within the Crownlands region in Westeros. The island is the home of several notable characters, including Lord Steffon Baratheon, father of King Robert Baratheon.


Driftmark has a long history, dating back to the days when it was part of the ancient Valyrian Empire. After the fall of the Valyrians, Driftmark was part of the kingdom of House Blackfyre, before it fell to House Baratheon. House Baratheon retained its possession of the island until the start of the War of the Five Kings, when it was abandoned. Following the war, Driftmark was claimed by House Tyrell.

Notable Characters from Driftmark

  • Lord Steffon Baratheon – the father of King Robert Baratheon, Lord Steffon was the Lord of Storm’s End, before moving to Driftmark when his son became King of the Seven Kingdoms.
  • Loreza Sand – the mistress of Lord Steffon Baratheon, Loreza was a commoner from Driftmark who later became the Lord of Driftmark.
  • Alysane Mormont – the castellan of Driftmark, Alysane Mormont is the wife of Jon Snow.
  • Gendry Baratheon – the bastard son of King Robert Baratheon and a noblewoman from Driftmark, Gendry is one of the main characters in the series.


Driftmark is located in the Crownlands, just north of Dragonstone and east of Crackclaw Point. Due to its location and its relatively small size, Driftmark is rarely featured in the show, but is an important part of Westerosi culture and history.



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