where the wild things are game

where the wild things are game

Where The Wild Things Are Game

Where The Wild Things Are, a classic beginning reader book by Maurice Sendak, has been adapted into an interactive game. It deals with a child’s experience of being lost, and the resulting feelings of fear, confusion and ultimately, discovery and acceptance.


In this game, players take on the role of Max, a young boy who gets lost in an imaginary world and must find his way home. Along the way, he meets and befriends the Wild Things and other creatures from the book. The gameplay is interactive and fun, and uses a combination of puzzles, adventure, and story-telling to capture the theme and world of the original book.


The game features a variety of elements that capture the narrative and tone of the classic book:

  • Interactive Puzzles: Players must solve puzzles and mini-games to progress through the story.
  • Exploration: Search for hidden artifacts and reveal secrets in the world of the Wild Things.
  • Adventure: Go on exciting adventures and guide Max in his search for home.
  • Narrative: Experience a journey of discovery, as Max discovers who he is and learns to accept himself.


Where The Wild Things Are Game is an inventive and interactive game that captures the story and tone of the classic children’s book. With engaging puzzles, exploration and adventure elements, the game is sure to captivate players of all ages.



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