where to watch vikings game

where to watch vikings game

Where to Watch Vikings Games

Are you looking to catch the next Viking’s game? Look no further! Here are a few places where you can catch the latest Viking’s action:
All Viking’s games will be broadcast on KMSP Fox 9 in the Twin Cities.

Online Sources

  • NFL Sunday Ticket – Subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket and you’ll be able to watch all Viking’s game online.
  • Vikings Live Stream – The official website of the Viking’s offers a live stream of all Viking’s games.
  • NFL Game Pass – With NFL Game Pass, you can watch all the Viking’s games without any cable subscription.

Cable Sources

  • DISH Network – A subscription to DISH Network will give you access to all Viking’s games.
  • Comcast/Xfinity – You can subscribe to Comcast/Xfinity to watch all Viking’s games.
  • DirecTV – Subscribers to DirecTV can watch all of the Viking’s games.

So, there you have it – a few options for catching the next Viking’s game! Whether you choose to watch online or through a traditional cable/satellite subscription, you can easily access all of the Viking’s games. Now, get cheering!



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