where was squid game filmed

where was squid game filmed

Filming Location for Squid Game

The Squid Game is an exciting action/adventure game that has become increasingly popular in recent times. But few people are aware that the entire game was actually filmed on location!

Where was the Squid Game Filmed

The Squid Game was filmed at the amazing Monkeyhanger Studios in the UK. This is a state of the art facility that uses cutting edge technology and is renowned for its unique and immersive filming atmosphere. Here are a few facts about Monkeyhanger:

  • Location: Monkeyhanger Studios is located in Bromley, Kent, England.
  • Size: The studios occupy an area of 6 acres.
  • Equipment: The studios are equipped with the latest equipment, including high definition cameras and lights.

The team behind the Squid Game chose Monkeyhanger because of its reputation for excellence and its ability to create a realistic environment and capture the essence of the game story.

Filming Experience

The team used the facilities at Monkeyhanger and the surrounding area to create the settings for the game. This included custom-built sets, large open spaces, and carefully crafted visuals. The crew even used green screens to create the vibrant and unique 3D visuals.

The team also used the latest motion capture technology to bring the characters of the Squid Game to life! All of the motion capture was done onsite, giving the game its unique and lifelike animations.


The Squid Game was filmed entirely at the Monkeyhanger Studios, using the latest motion capture technology and cutting edge filming techniques. This has allowed the game to become a unique and lifelike experience for fans around the world!



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