where was the hunger games filmed

where was the hunger games filmed

Where Was The Hunger Games Filmed?

The Hunger Games film franchise, which was based on the novel trilogy of the same name by Suzanne Collins, took the world by storm. The films gained much critical acclaim and box-office success, leaving fans waiting with anticipation for each film and sequel.

So, where was the Hunger Games filmed? The franchise was actually shot in multiple locations, from states like Georgia and North Carolina, to countries such as Thailand and New Zealand.


Georgia served as the primary filming location for the Hunger Games films. The state provided the backdrop for various areas of Panem, including the Capitol and the districts of District 12 and District 8. The majority of District 12 scenes were filmed in rural Fayette County and Boggs Mountain State Park, while the pods of the Cornucopia arena were shot in the Bartlett’s farm in Senoia.

North Carolina

The Catamount Valley ranch near Belview, NC, provided locations for District 13 and the rest of the Capitol’s interior shots. Nearby Asheville was used to represent Victors’ Village.


Thailand’s Bangkok and Chiang Mai served as filming locations for certain scenes from the films. A large wooden temple in Bangkok was used for the mourning of Rue and other scenes that took place in the arena.

New Zealand

The country of New Zealand provides multiple locations for The Hunger Games films. The Arena scenes set in the jungle were filmed in the Waikato region and the forest of Pureora, while some of the Capitol’s exteriors were shot in Wellington.


Boston, Massachusetts and Hawaii were also used as filming locations. The prison scenes were shot in the post-production facility of the Formosa Cafe in West Hollywood, California.

These areas provided the perfect backdrop for each movie and allowed the films to show the diverse areas of Panem. From the deserted ruins of District 13 to the slums of District 12, and from the wealthy glamor of the Capitol to the rich scenery of the jungle — they all came to life on the screen.

The Hunger Games films will be remembered for years and hopefully, it will serve as an inspiration for many filmmakers and audiences alike.

Fun Fact: the cast and crew celebrated with a Hawaiian banquet of sushi, poi, and rotisserie chicken after filming the last scene of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2.



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