which ancient game is the board game sorry based on

which ancient game is the board game sorry based on

The board game Sorry! inspired by Royal Game of Ur

The popular board game Sorry! was first released in the UK in 1934 and has gone on to enjoy decades of success. The game is loved by children and adults alike, but did you know that Sorry! is based on an ancient game?

What Is The Royal Game of Ur?

The Royal Game of Ur is an old board game dating all the way back to around 2400 BCE! It was discovered in the Royal Tombs of Ur in Iraq, giving the game its name.

How is The Royal Game of Ur Played?

The Royal Game of Ur is played on a board with three rows of 7 squares, each intersection of the squares on the board is seen as a marker or safe area of play. Players have 8 pieces which they move around the board, aiming to move all the pieces from their starting corner across the board and into the next corner. Points are scored by entering the pieces into the opposite corner in the correct order and by capturing the pieces of the opponent.

How Does The Royal Game of Ur Result in The Board Game Sorry?

Nowadays, we play the popular board game Sorry! but how does this relate back to the ancient game of Ur?

  • Similarity 1:Both games involve the players using pieces, each with a specific starting corner, to try to make it to the opposite side where they can gain points.
  • Similarity 2: Like the Royal Game of Ur, Sorry! uses dice rolls to give the player a chance at success or a chance at being frozen and have to forfeit a turn.
  • Similarity 3: The central teams involved in the game look similar, both featuring 7 sets of colored pieces, used together as a team to succeed.


Sorry! is a much-loved board game, based on the ancient royal game of Ur. Whilst many changes have been made to the game to fit in with modern society, the similarities between the two can still be identified.



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