which district am i in hunger games

Which District Am I In Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games is a hugely popular post-apocalyptic story set in the future on a continent known as Panem. The Capitol controls the twelve outlying districts, each with its own industry and specialty. In the course of the story, the districts wage war against the Capitol, with schemes, secrets and fierce battle. But before any of this is revealed, one of the most important questions needs to be answered: Which district am I in?

Identifying Your District

The Hunger Games universe is based on the symbol of a circle, with the Capitol at its center and the districts as its outlying pieces. To identify your district, there are several elements you’ll need to take into account:

Location: Where is your district located? If you don’t already know the answer to this, look at the map of Panem and use the numbered districts (1-12) to find your location.

Economy: What kinds of industry or trade does your district specialize in? This will help you understand which code of fashion, mannerisms and habits will be used in your district to identify yourself and others within it.

Customs: Does your district have any particular traditions or practices? This will help you understand the relationships between your district and other districts, as well as any possible rebellions or alliances that might form.

Language: What dialect, jargon or language is spoken in your district? Knowing this will help you communicate more effectively and accurately with people from your district.

Specific Districts In The Hunger Games

Districts One and Two: Districts one and two are the wealthiest in the Hunger Games universe. They are known for their wealth, technology, peace and stability. People from these two districts are typically affluent, well-educated and confident.

District Three: District three is the industrial district, known for its factories and large manufacturing centers. People from this district are practical, hard-working and clever.

District Four: District four is the fishing district. People from this district are loyal and committed, with a great sense of community spirit.

District Five: District five is the power district, known for its enormous dams and power stations. People from this district are strong-willed and determined.

District Six: District six is the transportation district, known for its railways and highways. People from this district are well-organized and meticulous.

District Seven: District seven is the lumber district, known for its forests and wooden structures. People from this district are creative, independent and resourceful.

District Eight: District eight is the textile district, known for its clothing production. People from this district are adaptable, independent and tolerant.

District Nine: District nine is the grain district, known for its harvests and fields. People from this district are strong-willed and determined.

District Ten: District ten is the livestock district, known for its livestock and farming practices. People from this district are practical, hard-working and reliable.

District Eleven: District eleven is the agricultural district, known for its crops and markets. People from this district are resourceful and adaptable.

District Twelve: District twelve is the mining district, known for its coal and other minerals. People from this district are strong-willed, independent and resilient.


Identifying your district in The Hunger Games will help you to understand the culture and customs of Panem and the people within it. With the information outlined above, you’ll have a clearer idea of which district you belong to in this exciting universe.



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