which pokemon game is better violet or scarlet

which pokemon game is better violet or scarlet

Deciding between Pokémon Violet and Scarlet

If you love playing Pokémon games, you may be debating between Pokémon Violet and Pokémon Scarlet. Both are considered to be some of the best of the Pokémon series, so which one should you choose? Here’s what you need to know:

Game Mechanics

Pokémon Violet offers a more traditional game feel, with mechanics similar to those found in other Pokémon titles. Players will find all the usual aspects of the game, such as catching wild Pokémon, battling trainers, and exploring the world, in addition to new features. One of these new features is a “questing” system that rewards players with special items for completing certain tasks.

Scarlet, on the other hand, takes a more open-world approach to the game. The game map is much larger and players have more freedom to explore and choose different objectives. In addition, the game features 8-player battles, allowing players to face off against each other in true competitive mode.

Character Interactions

  • Pokémon Violet: In Violet, the player interacts with other characters in the game through a traditional dialogue system. The dialogue between characters is engaging and rich, allowing for unique storylines and quests to be completed.
  • Pokémon Scarlet: Scarlet takes a more freeform approach to character interaction. Instead of dialogue trees, player interactions are much more open-ended. Players are free to explore different dialogue options and take different approaches to problem-solving.


Whether you choose Pokémon Violet or Pokémon Scarlet, you’re in for a great game. Both games offer unique experiences and incredible visuals, making them popular amongst Pokémon fans. The decision between the two will come down to what type of experience you’re looking for, so choose wisely.



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