who am i christmas game

who am i christmas game

Who am I Christmas Game

The perfect game to break the ice!

The Who am I Christmas game is the perfect way to break the ice during the festive season. It’s a game of imaginative exploration and involves dreaming up a range of people you would like to meet and discuss throughout the night. It’s about finding the differences, the similarities and getting to know one another – all through the magical realm of the Christmas season.


  • Gather together friends and family
  • Make sure everyone is comfortable and has a drink
  • Assign each person a Christmas character; for example, Santa or Rudolph
  • Everyone must then guess who everyone else is pretending to be


  • The participants must be creative and guess only through what is said and how it is said
  • Participants can include one description like big and red or tall and strong
  • No clue given can be pronounced as the character you are
  • It is a race against the clock to figure it out; the person who guesses first gets a point
    • Once a person is guessed correctly, the conversation can stretch a bit about it

  • The game is over when everyone correctly guesses each other


  • Remember to have fun with it!
  • Make sure everyone is comfortable with their Christmas character
  • Mention any decorations/details that are related to your character in order to help others guess

The Who am I Christmas game is a guaranteed way to break the ice and to make it a night to remember. To keep the festivities going, why not organize a group gift exchange or a Christmas-themed quiz afterwards? Have a jolly good time and a merry Christmas!



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