who done it game

who done it game

What is a ‘Who Done It’ Game?

A ‘Who Done It’ game is a type of game in which a person or a group of players must identify the culprit of a crime or a mysterious event. Usually, the game involves some form of detective work and clues to determine the identity of the perpetrator. The game can be played as a board game, online or even as a part of a real-life group activity or party.

Let’s Explore the Different Types of Who Done It Games

  • Board Game – This type of game is usually played with friends and family. Players act out detectives and use clues to identify the perpetrator.
  • Online Games -These games are played online or through a digital platform. They usually involve solving puzzles and finding clues to identify the suspect.
  • Real Life Activities – Many organizations use Who Done It Games as part of team-building activities. Clues are hidden around the premises and players must use their wits to figure out who the culprit is.

How Can You Make a Who Done It Game?

Making your own Who Done It Game is easy and can provide hours of fun for your friends and family.

  • Choose a Theme: Start by deciding on a theme or plot for your game. It could be anything from a murder mystery to a heist plot.
  • Create Clues: Next, devise a series of clues that players must follow. These clues should be tricky and help the players to get closer to the culprit.
  • Create Suspects: Next, develop a list of suspects and the motive behind each one. This will give players a better idea of who might be the culprit.
  • Create a Twist: Finally, create a twist to add an element of surprise to the game. A twist could be anything from an unexpected plot or an unexpected suspect.


Who Done It Games provide great fun for parties and team building activities. With a little bit of ingenuity and creativity, you can create your own game and provide hours of entertainment for your friends and family.



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