who has i have game

who has i have game

What is Who Has I Have Game?

The Who Has I Have game is an interactive and fun way to get people talking and interacting. The game is designed to encourage social interaction and encourages participants to think outside the box to come up with fun and creative ideas. It can be played in groups of all sizes and for a variety of ages.

Objective of Who Has I Have Game

The objective of the game is to connect two people who are unfamiliar with each other by asking a series of “Who has…?” questions. The questions can range from random facts and knowledge, to creative ideas and thought provoking topics. The game is played in rounds, and the goal is to have the two players who haven’t had a chance to meet yet, connect and feel like they have something in common.

How to Play Who Has I Have Game?

The rules are simple. First, the group is split into two teams. Then, one team starts by asking a series of questions beginning with the phrase “Who has…”. The opposing team then answers the questions, each with a statement beginning with “I have…”. The team members must answer the questions with as much creativity and detail as possible. Once each team has answered all the questions, the game is over and the two teams switch, so the same players don’t have to always answer the questions.

Benefits of Playing Who Has I Have Game

Playing this game not only makes for a great way to break the ice, but it also helps everyone in the room get to know each other better. It’s a good way to start off conversations and provides participants with an interesting way to learn about each other. Since it’s a game, it’s a fun, non-threatening way to give everyone a chance to get to know each other.


The Who Has I Have Game is a great way to get people talking and interacting with each other. It encourages socialization, creative thinking, and can even help participants learn more about each other. It’s the perfect ice breaker game for any size group and any age!



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