who hosted the dating game

who hosted the dating game

Who Hosted The Dating Game?

The Dating Game is an iconic television dating game show which was first aired in the United States in 1965. The show was created by Chuck Barris and was first hosted by Jim Lange.

Jim Lange

Jim Lange was the original host for the first two seasons of the show, from 1965 to 1966. He was known for his warm, welcoming personality and quick-witted humor, which made him a great choice to host the show. He remained the host until 1966 when he was replaced by Bob Eubanks.

Bob Eubanks

Bob Eubanks took over hosting duties for seasons 3 to 15, from 1966 to 1980. His over-the-top style and campy humor made him a perfect fit for the wacky questions and out-of-the-box antics that were integral to the show. Bob remained the host until 1980 when he was replaced by Jeff MacGregor.

Jeff MacGregor

Jeff MacGregor served as the host for seasons 16 to 18, from 1980 to 1986. He was known for his dry sense of humor and deadpan delivery, which kept the show lively and engaging. He remained the host until 1986 when he was replaced by Elaine Joyce.

Elaine Joyce

Elaine Joyce was the host for the 19th season of the show in 1986. She was a well-known actress and comedian and brought an entertaining mix of charm and wit to the show.


The Dating Game has had its fair share of iconic hosts over the years, each of whom has made their own unique contribution to the show’s overall success. From Jim Lange’s welcoming personality to Jeff MacGregor’s dry wit, these hosts have kept the show fresh and entertaining for over 50 years.

Notable Hosts:

  • Jim Lange (1965-1966)
  • Bob Eubanks (1966-1980)
  • Jeff MacGregor (1980-1986)
  • Elaine Joyce (1986)



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