who is the blackfish on game of thrones

who is the blackfish on game of thrones

Who Is The Blackfish on Game of Thrones?

The Blackfish, or Brynden Tully, is one of the most beloved characters of the Game of Thrones Universe. This gruff, no-nonsense uncle of the Stark family is a feared warrior and a master tactician. He’s also fiercely loyal to his family, despite having been exiled from his own home.

A Brief History

Brynden has had a long, involved history in the show. Going all the way back to the first season, we see how much he cares for his nieces and nephews (especially Cat), despite being separated from the family. He’s also been instrumental in protecting them from harm, fight against their enemies, and train them in warfare.

His Skills in Battle

Brynden is a formidable fighter and a master strategist. He commands a rag-tag army, made up of Freys, Mormonts, and mountain clansmen, during the Battle of the Bastards. He also helps take back Riverrun from the Freys without a single loss of life.

His Legacy

Brynden is a beloved character, and his legacy as the Blackfish will live on in the show. He’s noted for his no-nonsense attitude, immense courage and loyalty to his house and family. He comes to his family’s aid whenever he’s needed, and proves himself time and time again.

His Impact on the Show

The Blackfish has had a huge impact on the show, and many fans mourn his death. He stood for honour and loyalty, something that seems to have become a rare commodity in Westeros since his demise. His memory still lives on in the fans who were fortunate enough to watch him on the show.


The Blackfish is one of the most beloved characters in the Game of Thrones universe. He’s a master strategist and a fearless warrior who stands for loyalty and honour. His memory lives on in the fans who loved him, and his legacy will continue to impact the show for years to come.



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