who plays stevie the bookie in still game

who plays stevie the bookie in still game

Still Game’s Stevie the Bookie: All About the Actor

Still Game is a popular Scottish television sitcom that first appeared in 2002. Fans of the show will perhaps be familiar with the character of Stevie the Bookie, a fidgety character always on the verge of being found out by the police or the main characters, Jack and Victor. The actor behind this beloved character is none other than Gavin Mitchell.

Who is Gavin Mitchell?

Gavin Mitchell is a Scottish actor and comedian. He was born in Renfrewshire and initially trained to be a carpenter before becoming an actor. Having appeared in many shows throughout his career, he is most recognisable to Still Game fans as the wayward bookie, Stevie.

Other Roles

Gavin Mitchell has appeared in a multitude of other TV shows aside from Still Game. Some of his most known roles include:

  • Ted Beardsley in the long-running BBC Scotland soap opera River City
  • Shug in comedy series Shedowtown
  • Martin McFadden in the comedy series Two Doors Down

He also had recurring roles in the series Rab C. Nesbitt and Taggart. He also featured in many films – both voice and live action – such as Beauty and the Beast, Brave as Gordon and a very memorable performance in the 2003 film The Final Curtain with a hilarious cameo as a theatre director.

Other Appearances

In addition to his



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