who plays stevie the bookie in still game

who plays stevie the bookie in still game

Stevie The Bookie From Still Game

The Scottish Sitcom “Still Game” features the character of Stevie The Bookie. Played by actor Paul Riley, this character is a highlighting point of the show throughout its entire run.

Character Overview

Stevie is portrayed as a cheeky and likeable bookmaker from Glasgow. He portrays himself as someone who enjoys life and loves to have a good time.

Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Stevie The Bookie:

  • He is a regular at the Clansman pub, often seen in the office where the local bets are taken
  • He often tries to trick people into making bad bets, but always ends up getting tricked himself
  • He has a friendship with Winston Ingram, who is often the target of his schemes
  • He has a love for betting and often gets overexcited about the results of matches

Stevie The Bookie Throughout Still Game

Throughout the series, Stevie The Bookie’s character has remained an integral part of the show. His cheeky nature and penchant for gambling often gets him into trouble, but his good-natured nature helps him out of those jams.

Paul Riley’s performance as the character has been acclaimed throughout Still Game’s run and he has become an iconic figure in the show.

If you’re a fan of Still Game, then you’re sure to recognize Stevie The Bookie!



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